Review and approval associated with repayment reconciliation information should be distributed by the key Investigator together with business that is CSU making use of the Overview Reconciliation Sheet*.

Note: You might use either the Individual Receipt Form* or even the several Participant Receipt Form* of these repayments. In the event that you use either the Individual Receipt Form* or the several Participant Receipt Form*, you need to additionally make use of the Overview Reconciliation Sheet* for reconciliation totals.

If payment for internet studies is much more than $25, you have to stick to the policy within the above sections D and E and acquire either real or electronic signatures. Electronic signatures could be acquired through DocuSign just. DocuSign may be the college signature service provider that is electronic.

G. Extension or switch to an cash that is existing

Then re-approval by all approvers is required if an extension of the dates for an existing cash advance is required, or a change to an account number is necessary. The authorized demand needs to be forwarded towards the money Advance Section in Payment Services for review and approval before an extension is given. Cash loan durations cannot expand past a few months. If an extension is necessary beyond a few months, then your present advance loan demand must certanly be closed and reconciled and any unused cash came back. NOTE: Extension of a cash advance just isn’t an extension associated with the IRB approval study or period.

H. Reconciliation of money Improvements

Administrative workers for the division performing the investigation or research must get together again the study repayments, verify that every appropriate information has been gathered, and need to ensure that the times regarding the receipts are in the date variety of the money advance participant research. Then the receipt cannot be used on the cash advance reconciliation if the dates of receipts are not within the date range of the cash advance participant study. Alternatively, cash for the receipt that is unusable be came back because of the reconciliation regarding the advance loan as well as the receipt utilized as documents for a *DEFINE VP2 payable towards the researcher.

Reconciliations and return of any unused money must be finished and changed into Payment Services thirty days after the end of this advance loan date.

We. Coming Back Unused Funds

Whenever submiting a reconciliation that features unused funds, deliver an email to your advance loan Desk at to create up a consultation between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at hand deliver the funds into the Cash Advance Section in Payment Services. The bucks Advance Desk will reply to verify the visit. The email will include:

In the visit, the leading desk personnel into the money Advance Section in Payment Services will issue a receipt of repayment to report the return of funds.

Try not to deliver documentation, checks, or money via campus mail. The money Advance Section in Payment Services is certainly not accountable for documents, checks, or cash put into campus mail.

J. Usage of Procard

The Procard enables you to buy present cards or present certificates for research topics and study individuals if chosen. Divisions must stick to the procedure that is same is needed whenever present certificates are ordered by cash loan. This can include asking individuals should they will likely be getting $600 or even more as a whole payment from UT Austin through the twelve months, with the exact same receipt and reconciliation types, and performing the reconciliation that is same. The VP7 document ID quantity must certanly be contained in the reconciliation. Divisions must deliver the reconciliation with necessary taxation information towards the money Advance Section in Payment Services, money Advance Desk—mail code D9600, for almost any participant whom replied “yes” towards the $600 concern. Payment Services will audit transactions coded randomly as 1340 on VP7 Procard repayment vouchers for needed documents. If needed paperwork isn’t imaged, the division is supposed to be necessary to correct by publishing needed documents into the cash loan Desk in Payment Services to guarantee the documentation that is required imaged.

K. Voucher Coding

Research topic and study participant repayments must certanly be coded 1340, the thing code for Participant charges.

L. Survey Privacy

Survey information, including repayment information, is private. Repayment information enable you to process income tax documentation that is federal.

M. Reimbursement for Research Subjects and Survey Participants Expenses A researcher could be reimbursed for research topics and study individuals expenses without asking for an advance loan on a *DEFINE VP2 repayment document but must follow sections C-G above using one of these brilliant two types: Individual Receipt Form* or the several Participant Receipt Form* of these repayments. You must also complete the Summary Reconciliation Sheet* for reconciliation totals if you use either of these two forms.

N. Email Address

When you have any concerns regarding repayments to survey and research individuals, please contact the bucks Advance Desk in Payment Services.

* Note: PDFs are most readily useful seen with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later on. Previous versions may end in incomplete rendering of data. A free enhance of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be acquired from Adobe.