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Medical Equipment Import

Who We Are ?

Nova Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Import is a Libyan company that founded in 2015 and succeeded in attracting many of the expert employees in medical field especially and The importance of medicines, equipment and medical devices in General To be in the ranks of Libyan companies and live up to global competition by accomplishing many of the partnership with the most important and most successful global companies in this field.

Our Vision

To be the premier and preferred provider of Technology Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing services in our chosen markets.

Our Values

To be a valued partner and a preferred services provider.

Our Services

Supply medicines, consumables & medical devices to public & private sectors… Equipped & Turnkey healthcare projects for hospitals, private clinics, radiology center, laboratories, rehabilitation center, dialysis center (Design, Build, Equip, train, maintain) Mobile hospitals Medical service (management, medical recruiting,

What We Do


Supplying medicines


Providing of medical equipment


Equipping and training medical staff


Equipping and training Design and processing the medical facilities


Management and recruitment the medical facilities


Number of Products

Number of Partners

Years Of Experience

Our Partners Around The World


We are proud of the partnerships we share with many international companies in the field of medicine and medical equipment and laboratory industry, which always keep us in the lead by providing the latest findings of science and medical diagnostic devices and efficiently with our commitment to provide the necessary regular maintenance and provide expertise that the public hospitals and private clinics need toby at the readiness and maximum efficiency

Best Partners Around The World


What sets us apart is our partnerships with the world’s best companies in the medical field from around the world, where we share partnership agreements and twining with the leading companies in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Malta and Japan to become so one of the main importers of medicines and medical devices in Libya, we are always in pursuit permanently to hold more new partnerships that complement the march of successful existing partnerships to cover all the needs of our customers of the best minds in the field produced medical equipment and stay on for each new permanent accompany us in our field.

Together We Build The World

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